Match It! is a local multiplayer turn based puzzle game.
Where you create patterns of inputs that the second player must redo in a limited time.
You also have the possibility to add a modifier on the created pattern to alter its sequence.
Each succeded copied pattern gives you 1 pt. The first player with 6 points wins.

Game Modes :

  • 2 Player : You will fight against your human opponent on a turn based sequence : P1 do  P2 redo  P2 do  P1 redo & repeat.
  • Training : You will fight against the computer which will endlessly send you patterns to redo.

Keymap :

  • Player 1  :  ↑   ↓    ←  →   Z    X
  • Player 2  :  E   D    S    F   W  Q

Have Fun !

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Fun and well made!

Thank You ! :)